Our Story

Rise and shine everyday!  From small town midwest to central Florida...we started living a dream we didn't know existed.  We explored beaches, surfing, tiki bars, fishing, kayaking, more tiki bars, golf, pro sports, boating...all of it.  Working in retail, we were fortunate that both of our companies transferred us south.  We worked hard, managed a lot of people... and our days off we made count!  We love it. Everything we've discovered, we crave.  Every damn day.

Those days off always consisted of a couple beers, and a conversation about a dream.  So we decided to follow it!  Kingsley & Marie is a brand that stands for the days we live for.  You can count on us to offer products that are made for this lifestyle!  

We are living our best, and we hope our story inspires you to do the same.  Make your days count, get out in the sun, do what you love, try new things, find someone who loves it as much as you, and live life!  

Much Love-

Rob Kingsley & Sara Marie